About Clic Eyewear Ireland

 Clic Eyewear Ireland is a company which was formed by Bairbre Lonergan in 2008. We currently stock a large range of the glasses here in Ireland. The Clic Eyewear range includes Ready-Readers, Ski Goggles and sun glasses,

Choosing Clic Eyewear doesn’t mean Just wearing glasses. Clic Eyewear offers its users many unique benefits and the main of these is brought about by the magnetic connection which allows the glasses to Clic. The mix of comfort, durability, security and reliability together with a captivating design lends itself to a new concept in eyewear. This therefore offers a new and unique trend in the eyewear market. The unique trait of the Clic Eyewear range is that they are worn around the neck and are therefore ready to use as required. This therefore means that one will not take the glasses off, thus preventing damage or loss which so often happens.

The Clic range comes in many unique colours and styles.


How Clic

was born

CliC Eyewear is part of Overal srl, a Made in Italy company since 1986. In 2003 Overal srl entered the eyewear market with CliC Eyewear, the famous glasses with the magnet, a Californian world patent. An exciting challenge that breaks into the presbyopia market as an authentic technological innovation.

Clic: simple sound turned into brand!

Clic Eyewear has revolutionized the reading glasses market, offering a practical and trendy alternative to the usual presbyopia glasses.


The company's mission today is to consolidate global leadership in the optics sector, investing in service, creativity and technological innovation.

Every day our team, guided by the passion for their work, comprehensively controls the entire process that leads to the creation of the glasses, from the initial materials to the finished product, to guarantee our customers the highest technical and quality standards.

Our customer care supports our customers daily - both optical and end customers - to always guarantee an excellent customer experience.