Terms and Conditions (Web/Online Sales)

  1. Applicability
    These terms and conditions are applicable, in the version valid at the time the order is placed, for all types of goods and services provided to customers by Clic Ireland, unless the sales contract or other agreement concluded by and between Clic Ireland its customer contains written provisions to the contrary. Any other statements or communications to be provided shall be valid only if made in writing.

    2. Identification

    Clic Ireland

  2. Lonergan Carr Distributors and Agents

        Grange Lodge,


      Co. Kilkenny

  1. Email : info@clicireland.ie
    VAT: IE 1762590L
    Ph: (087) 2593841

    3. Orders and Agreement
    All offers made by Clic Ireland are without obligation. An agreement is made between Clic Ireland and the customer when the customer places an order and it is accepted by Clic Ireland. Ordering is performed by transmitting the fully completed online order form. By clicking on “confirm”, the customer is giving an ELECTRONIC SIGNATURE, which has the same status as a handwritten signature. Clic Ireland accepts the order by sending an order confirmation to the customer via e-mail, mail, or fax.

    4. Prices
    The product price is the price displayed in EURO €,  for the item or the service at the time of ordering. All product prices include VAT at the applicable rate. Prices do not include any decoration or further accessories shown in the pictures, unless mentioned.

    5. Delivery terms
    Clic Ireland generally delivers ordered products within three (3) to fifteen (15) business days to the address named by the customer. If the delivery time cannot be met, Clic Ireland will notify the customer and inform him of the estimated delivery date. Clic Ireland is entitled to fulfil the order in partial deliveries. Clic Ireland reserves and retains the right not to fulfil the order if the ordered merchandise is not available at all or at an acceptable time, or cannot be delivered due to lack of quality. In this case, Clic Ireland will notify the customer without delay and refund any payment already made. Clic Ireland reserves and retains the right to supply later models in lieu of the ordered merchandise, provided they also fulfil the agreed specifications and are not more expensive than the ordered merchandise. If there is a delay in acceptance on the customer’s part, Clic Ireland reserves and retains the right to store the merchandise at the customer’s expense and — in commercial transactions — sell it to third parties by way of public auction. Fragrances of Ireland are responsible solely for the delivery of orders. Any local customs charges, local taxes etc. being imposed at local level is the responsibility of the customer.

    6. Shipping costs
    Clic Ireland currently implement the following Shipping Rates: €5.00
    National & International Shipping Rates: €5.00

Shipping Destination € Euro
Ireland € Euro

7. Payment options
Clic Ireland offers the following payment options: Credit-card: Clic Ireland accepts VISA & Mastercard. By providing his\her account information in the online order form, the customer authorizes Clic Ireland to charge the amount of the invoice to that credit card. Security: The account information as well as credit card details are forwarded maximum protected via SSL-encryption directly to PayPal. Your bank details are never known to Clic Ireland, at any time.

8. Payment delay
All invoices are immediately due and payable in full unless explicitly agreed otherwise. If the customer enters payment arrears, Clic Ireland reserves and retains the right to charge interest on arrears at a rate three points above the current base interest rate.

9. Right of Return
The customer may cancel the order without stating a reason in writing (postal mail or e-mail), or by returning the ordered merchandise unopened or not damaged in any way within 7 business days of receipt (according to Irish consumer protection legislation). We are offering a right of return of 14 business days. The customer is obligated to return the merchandise immediately after cancellation. Exceptions: – Merchandise prepared according to customer specifications – Merchandise that by its nature is not suitable for return – Merchandise that can spoil quickly or whose expiration date would be exceeded It is sufficient if the cancellation is sent by the deadline to:

Clic Ireland

Grange Lodge,


Co. Kilkenny

We cannot accept returns, which are not prepaid. After receiving and checking the returned merchandise, Clic Ireland will immediately refund the purchase price to the customer after full inspection of the returned goods. The customer shall pay the regular cost of return shipment. The product shall be unused, in the condition that the customer received it and it shall be repackaged into its original package. If the merchandise is opened, damaged, destroyed, or consumed, this will preclude the customer’s cancellation right.

10. Set-off
Set-off and the assertion of retention rights (including commercial rights) are permissible only if the underlying counterclaims are uncontested or have been adjudicated finally and absolutely.

11. Warranty
Clic Ireland warrants its goods and services only within the scope of statutory provisions (Art. 1641 following, Code Civil). The inspection and defect notification duties applicable to commercial transactions shall remain unaffected, as shall any manufacturer guarantee included with the merchandise. Obvious defects must be reported in writing no more than one week after the merchandise is received. In the event of a warranty claim, Clic Ireland reserves and retains the right to either repair or replace merchandise supplied by Clic Ireland that turns out to be defective. If such steps are unsuccessful the customer shall be entitled, at his election, to reduce the price paid for such merchandise or to rescind the order for the faulty merchandise.

12. Warrented Characteristics
Warranted characteristics must in any case be explicitly stated by Clic Ireland . Product descriptions on the website may differ from the actual articles in colour and general impression.

13. Liability
Clic Ireland shall not have any contractual or non-contractual damage compensation duty unless the damage is due to gross negligence or intent. If a material contractual duty is violated, Clic Ireland shall be liable even in cases of slight negligence; in any case, liability shall be limited to the financial injury, which Clic Ireland must have foreseen — at the time the agreement was made — as a possible consequence of violating the agreement. Any product liability claims shall remain unaffected by the preceding limitations.

14. Data protection
The personal information required for administration of the agreement is provided by the customer. Clic Ireland shall be required to treat all personal information as confidential and to protect it from unauthorized access. When processing your order, Clic Ireland will responsibly and accurately handle your information. Clic Ireland will not submit any information supplied by the customers to third parties. The customer has the right to access, change or delete his information, by informing Clic Ireland, info@perfume.ie, in accordance with Irish Consumer Rights.

15. Limitation Period
Any damage compensation claims against Clic Ireland, with the exception of damage claims in tort, shall become time-barred according to the statutory provisions, but no later than two years after the goods or services are provided on which the claim is based. Compensation claims due to possible consequential damage from defects — except claims in tort — shall become time-barred six months after the devolution of risk or, for contracts for work, after inspection and approval.

16. Title Reservation
The merchandise remains the property of Clic Ireland pending payment in full . The customer is required to notify Clic Ireland without delay in case of any attachment by third parties upon the merchandise subject to title reservation (reserved merchandise), specifically judicial-enforcement measures or other seizures, and of any damage occurring to the reserved merchandise. If the merchandise is delivered to a country in which the above title reservation is not enforceable in total, the customer shall be required to provide Clic Ireland with equivalent security.

17. Assignment and Transfer
The customer shall only be entitled to assign and transfer the rights under the agreement — with the exception of payment claims — with Clic Ireland prior consent. Such consent may only be withheld for good cause.

18. Jurisdiction and Venue
In case of any disputes arising from or in connection with the agreement or these terms and conditions, the courts of Ireland shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue if the customer is a merchant or a legal entity under public law, or if the customer’s domicile or usual place of residence is either outside Ireland or is unknown at the time the action is filed.

19. Place of Fulfilment
Place of fulfilment is Graignmangh,Kilkenny, Ireland .

20. Severe Nullity
Should one or more provisions of the agreement or of these terms and conditions be or become invalid or unfeasible, or be replaced by applicable national law, this shall not affect the validity of any remaining provisions.

21. Choice of Law
The contractual relations between the parties are subject to and shall be construed in accordance with the Irish law.